Friday, October 2, 2009

I'd Like to Add Misogyn to that too.

So, since I don't like Twilight, I generally don't like Kristen Stewart. Sorry, aside from Twilight, I'm also just not a fan of excessive blinking.

But, I read this headline today and automatically thought, "good for her:"

Kristen Stewart: Twilight is all about dominance & masochism.

The entire interview isn't as Twilight-slamming as I had hoped for, but I'm glad someone-and someone so close to it- is recognizing how messed up and perverted those books are.

Woot woot for Kristen Stewart, who is FAR prettier when she wears makeup (unlike Robert Pattinson).


Michelle 2021 said...

I just started reading "Twilight," just to say that I had given it a chance, and I agree that this series is pretty twisted. If a normal, not-vampire teenage boy treated my daughter in the controlling, moody way in which Edward manipulates Bella, I can tell you that teenage boy would not be living his puny mortal life much longer.

But it's entertaining.

Seth said...

This if probably the best spoof I've seen on the whole twilight thing.
I think you'll laugh

Andrea said...

Oh no, Seth! I didn't get the whole link.

Seth said...

I think it works. I just tried it again.
If not search "AOTS twilight spoof" it'll pop up.