Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Roll to the ER and a Derby!

I ordered roller skates, I filled out a registration form, I payed my fee...I'm all ready to start roller derby! Except for the part where I can't go to the first practice. But after that! Roller derby, I tell you!

What's the hardest part of roller derby? Is it getting elbowed in the teeth? Is it wearing fishnet tights? Is it roller skating? Is it people asking you if you're doing it because you saw Whip It? No. The hardest part of roller derby is picking a roller derby name. You can't have the same name as anyone else, anywhere. While most of the great names I've come up with were already taken, I've come up with plenty that are fantastic and not in use. The problem now is picking just one. And so I ask for your help. Here are my top contedors. Vote for your favorite!

1. Baroness Hell-ga von Ruffhausin'
2. Crashiopea
3. Elbow Baggins
4. Bellatrix LeStrangle
5. Smackie Kennedy Onasses

Thoughts? Preferences? Votes? Let me know what you think! I may not listen to you, but I still want to know your opinions.