Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The hard drive on my Mac crashed, it's snowing, and all forces seem to be trying to stifle Halloween excitement. Is it working? I hope not!

And yet, the feasibility of my costume is in question, I have no Halloween playlist to blast (bc of the hard drive problem), and I have been struggling to keep up on my Halloween blog.

The solutions? I guess I'll just have to listen to Halloween music on Youtube as much as I can from work and other people's computers.

And I'll have to look for more inspiration for my mummy costume. I did a google image search and found these results:

None of which were really the look I was going for, but since I am unable to get my costume off once it is on, I'm not sure my costume is really what I was looking for either. Also, I'm having a hard time deciding between Egyptian-like makeup, or "dead things, Mikey, dead things"-like makeup. Any thoughts?

And lastly, the biggest and most undecided decision of all...

Moving HallowQueen's Bipety Bopety Blog to here, like in a sidebar deal and occasional Halloween-inspired posts throughout the year. I mean, unicorns and Halloween totally go together, right? I just don't know. I may need to let Halloween pass, when I feel less pressed to post oodles of Halloween stuff (which I have successfully slacked off in doing) and all will be well over there.


But, on a lighter, more Halloween-fantastic note, last night's episode of Castle was amazing, Halloween fun, and certainly played to the Joss fans out there. Check it out if you wish.


Amandean said...

I like Castle, too! By the way, every time I see a commercial for Snuggies, I think of you and laugh. At least on the inside.

Michelle 2021 said...

I LOVE NATHAN FILLION!!! "Space Cowboy??" What a great gag.

And my favorite line: "You're going to have to find a new candy beard." HA!