Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ahhh, PIcasa

I downloaded Picasa, finally, after hearing about it from EVERYONE for SO LONG. And, as I suspected, it's basic photo editing is no better than what I already have, but, it does do collages, which we all know are oh-so-popular in the bloggetysphere. And so, without further ado, here is my first collage:


Crystal Ross said...

Oh, nice. I'm glad you finally got it. The photo editing stuff is a lot fancier than the software I have (except photoshop, but I cant use that very well yet) so I love it!

Andrea said...

Yeah, I usually just use iphoto. It doesn't have advanced photo editing, but I don't believe in advanced photo editing anyway. The collages are way easier than uploading a million pictures to my blog though.