Thursday, December 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never

So I realized today, on this, the first day of December, that I never gave my final haunted house rating of the year. So here it is, short and sweet, better late than never:

Fear Factory: UNDECIDED

The place is huge, they have giant cilo slides, and enough animatronics to give Disneyland a run for their money. (I've actually never been to Disneyland, but in my mind, that place is teeming with robotic princesses.)

The main downfall is that they rush you through so you don't get a chance to look at everything, which is unfortunate considering how much stuff they have there. There were constantly security guards telling us to "keep moving," and even the actors would hurry us along.

All in all, it was like going on a very good version of the Terror Ride at Lagoon. Lots of fun stuff to look at, not a lot of scares, over too quickly. 

There's enough amazing stuff in there, though, that I'm certain within a couple years, Fear Factory will be at the very top of my list.

So there's that. I'll be back soon with more seasonalbly appropriate material.