Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Treats

We all know I love Halloween, we all know I love treats, and if you don't know already, you should fully educate yourself on how much I love Halloween treats.

Crystal sent me most of these, and I found a few myself, but what they all have in common is that I want to plunge them past my teeth like a battering ram. I wish I could copy and paste an embed code for these directly into my mouth.

On a separate note, I've felt like I've been talking with an unintentional lisp today. Totally weird, and I don't know if I really am, but when I think of myself saying something, it is with a lisp. Explanation? I have none. Unless it has to do with my Halloween costume(s), though I have never known Alice in Wonderland or mummies to have lisps.


utahlawyer said...

I love the caramel apple and the spider deviled eggs. We should make a yummy dinner on Halloween with some of these ideas.

Amandean said...

Are those pieces of spoon on the spider eggs? We're having a birthday party for Luke on the 31st, and I need fun game and food ideas. You ARE the queen of Halloween, so I thought you might come in handy. And by the way, we don't necessarily trick-or-treat on the 31st here. They have declared "Beggars' Night" (which is when we trick-or-treat) to be tonight. I guess they are worried about kids getting into too much trouble on the weekends or something.