Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

I don't usually do tributes in memoriam of celebrities, but I, like the rest of the world, am extremely shocked by the death of Michael Jackson.

In spite of the obvious turmoil surrounding him in recent years, I am an avid Michael Jackson fan. I mean, we all know that I like scary...

...and Michael Jackson definitely brought the scary with that video. However, if Thriller were the only thing he had ever done, I would worship him. But the truth is, from I Want You Back to You Rock my World, I am addicted to everything Michael Jackson.

The news of his death was shocking, and also prompted a vigorous, 20-minute internet search at work after the initial report came from TMZ. I don't think my shock and confusion level has decreased since the moment of that first headline, however.

Love him or hate him, we all know that Michael Jackson was a music icon.

This memorial, in particular, I find extremely appropriate and well-worded. It addresses every aspect of the man and reconciles, in my mind, the confused opinions on the various forms that Michael Jackson took over the years. I'm not sure if anyone will ever say it better.

Lastly, I know that Michael Jackson was surrounded with controversy, and was an easy subject for jokes with questionable punchlines. I am, however, sickened by the opportunity many are taking to turn his death into yet another joke. Death is never funny, and this one is certainly more than tragic. In the aftermath of his death, I can only hope for respect for him.


Crystal Bo Bistol said...

Very well-said. The jokes are so beyond rude.

Lambert Family said...

Crazy or not, he was an amazing singer and extremely talented. I grew up listening to him. It is shocking how quickly someone can be gone. We will definately miss him.