Friday, June 12, 2009

More Self-Promotion

Hey all you awesome friends of mine! Check out what's happening on my other blog. You know, that one about the flowers that I like to do.

Here are some of my latest additions that I am really excited about and love them so much, I just want to eat them (which wouldn't go over so well, bc some of the flowers are silk (sssssh...don't tell anyone!) and the ones that aren't are probably not very delicious either):

They look good, right? I know! Totally awesome! Don't you just want to order one for yourself right now (if you do, I'll use all real flowers (not the fake ones that I used only for the sake of saving myself a pretty penny (and trust me, it is a very pretty penny - all shiny) while building my portfolio))? AND, don't you just want to tell all your friends about them too? I promise you that if you do, you'll find a pretty penny for your very own just chillin' on the ground, waiting it's entire life just for you. Now that's incentive, right?

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