Monday, June 1, 2009

Of Things Scary - Sort of

So over this past weekend I went to my very first ever live-action midnight showing of

at The Tower Theater. I was fully delighted to dress up all crazy (with leatherette leggings and a silver sequin mini skirt) and got even more excited when I saw all the seats covered in black plastic garbage bags. And I wasn't disappointed. Flying rice, toast, water, and toilet paper was absolutely awesome.

My only beef was the level of crudeness. Yes, Rocky Horror Picture Show is questionable to start with (which is the majority of the fun) but the live actors at The Tower took it 7,439 levels further. It's not that I was offended or anything, but it didn't appeal to my comedic tastes. To me, adding the F word to a sentence does not automatically make it funnier. Likewise, making something horrifyingly dirty does not automatically make it funnier either.

Balancing the pros and cons of the show, the verdict is that I had an awesomely fun time, and would recommend everyone experience it at least once.

[change of subject]


So I've known about this blog for awhile, but am just now catching up. I really wish I had been reading from the beginning, because this is completely awesome. Dracula is one of my favorite novels ever, and the idea of reading it in real-time blows my mind. I love that Dracula, because of the nature of the narrative, is one of the only books out there that lends itself to this kind of reading. I love it...LOVE it...LOVE IT! I cannot talk enough about how awesome this is.

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