Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolutions

To kick off a new year, I resolve to:

1. Lose weight (because who doesn't have this at the top of their resolution list?).
2. Spend less time on Facebook and more time cultivating real relationships and farms (okay, the farm thing probably won't happen, but the thought is there).
3. Eat more gelato (counteractive to resolution #1, I know).
4. Compete in cyclocross (I've got a long way to go, and the thought of this absolutely terrifies me).
5. Go to grad school (or back for another bachelor's, or become a teacher, or a professional pompom maker).
6. Use more parantheticals (you know you like them).
7.  Learn to paint.
8. Burn all known existing copies of Twilight (the book and the movie).
9.  Publish my own book about a hunky vampire (and an unwitting dentist).
10. Have a 75% attendance record on my blog.
11. Start making flower arrangement again.
12. Use alliteration as much as possible.
13. Become more organized.
14. Minimize my wardrobe.
15. Actually finish some craft projects every once in awhile.

1 comment:

Michelle 2021 said...

Sounds noble. It makes me wonder if I'm really DOING anything. But I am doing things. Many things. Just not those things. So good luck with those things!