Monday, January 25, 2010

FHE is Killing Me!

I have a calling in my singles ward.  It's called Family Home Evening, and I rather despise when it's called FHE, though I sadly catch myself saying/texting that more often than I would like to admit, since when you say Family Home Evening, people just stare at you.  Apparently in singles wards, people only know how to speak acronym.

For this calling, I organize family home evening events, and contact the members of my group to try and get them to come.  Not many do.

And then there are the people who text me back when I text them about Family Home Evening.  Not the ones who respond with a nice, "thanks," or "I'll be there," I mean the ones who respond with an "F off!"

Okay, maybe they don't say that to me, but they might as well.  All too often I get a "STOP TEXTING ME!!!!" or something to the same effect.

Just today, I chastised some girl who apparently is no longer in the ward for being a little less than nice while informing me of that little fact that I (DUH!) should have known!  Once softly chastised, she returned with "Okay.  I just have a limited number of texts." A limited number of texts?  Does that make it okay to text yell at someone who's just trying to fulfill, let alone magnify, her calling?  And guess what?  Had she politely informed me of her status in the first place, I would have deleted her number from my FHE list and moved on.  Instead, it cost her 4 more of her precious text messages as I told her to stop being a jerkfacebratpantiesmeanyface!

My other favorite?  The fact that, every week, I send a text saying, "Hey, this is Andrea Sparks!  FHE...blah...blah...blah," and get not one, but multiple response text messages saying, "Who is this?"

Family Home Evening time is a special time!  It's the time we prepare to be single forever!

And then there's my partner, but that's really a story for a Chronicles of Dating thingy.  So follow-ups soon to follow.


Jen said...

Soooo excited for the follow-up! You could always just come hang out with us at our FHE...not much being learned, but the entertainment is always good!

オテモヤン said...
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Amandean said...

That's no good. Apparently your FHE family can't read?