Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knit Food is Almost as Delicious as Real Food!

I recently learned how to knit, and have yet to post any of my projects on here.  "My projects," aren't really as important as they sound, since I've only finished one neckwarmer collar, and one impatient scarf that wound up as an oversized hot pad.

However, I think I now found my new knitting inspiration.  KNIT PLAY FOOD!  You know, for little kids, or people like me.

Just look at how cute it is!

Some of it is knit, some of it is crocheted, and some is sewn felt, but all of it is insanely adorable.

Plus, with this awesome, crafty, way cuter than you could buy in the store, play food, your kids won't be sticking all manners of toxic plastics into their toxin ingesting mouths!


Amandean said...

Cute! That's a great idea for kids! ?And it's machine washable if you use the right yarn! I wish all the kids' toys were machine washable.

utahlawyer said...

You should make play food to sell on etsy.

The Former 786 said...