Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just One More Reason to Love Natalie Portman and Target

even though they remodeled my local Target to look like a K-Mart bargain bin.

During my Christmas shopping, I often feasted my eyes on a delicious mustard yellow, flowy, frilly, tulle delicacy, only to have it sell out before I could purchase or show it to anyone.

But lo and behold, Natalie Portman pranced her way along the red carpet in exactly the dress (which is somewhere below the not-so-cute jacket).

Though she's being praised for her frugal find, apparently a lot of people find the dress horrendous.  HORRENDOUS?  My fantasy frock?  "Pshaw" I say to the non-believers.  "Pshaw, indeed!"

1 comment:

Michelle 2021 said...

Maybe I'm just bitter because I can't wear yellow, but I don't get it. Did she actually get this dress at Target?

If so, I guess that's cool. Did I miss an awards show?