Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Chronicles of Dating: Advice for Guys Ammendment #1

I always knew that list of 10 things for guys not to do was completely inadequate. Why? Because guys continue to do stupid thing when dating. And so, amendments must be made. Call it a Bill of Rights, if you will...things that guys have the right to choose not to do, and therefore free themselves from being douches.

So here it is, amendment #1:

Do not contact a girl you have taken out to get the number of her friend to take said friend out.
And, on a similar enough note to lump it under the same amendment, do not think that forgoing the contacting part and just asking the friend out is okay either (you know who you are).

Seriously, what in heaven's name are guys thinking when they decide this is a good idea? I mean, even if you didn't hit it off with girl #1, there is a certain thing called tact that you should learn to employ.

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Crystal Ross said...

OH MY. Not okay. Ever.