Monday, August 24, 2009

Summertime, and the Living is Easy

So, I've got this fun new summery background going on here. I know, I know, it's not as delightfully tacky as the pink and blue birds (which I will likely go back to one day), but I feel that the blab-my-every-whim-ness of my blog lends itself to backgrounds of whim.

And what is my whim? Right now, it's SUMMERTIME.

So I usually am less enthusiastic about summertime than I have been this summer. Normally I just feel hot and icky and groan about how I wish I had lost weight for the summer so I could feel more comfortable in the clothing that is sticking to my sweaty body.

But not so this year!

Instead, it has been a mild summer, filled with all the things I love about summer and very little of what I hate (being the blistering dry heat that makes your skin feel like it is going to burn and detach itself from your body).

Warm nights
Golden sunlight
Outdoor eating
A touch of slight humidity
Gently sun-kissed skin
Cooling splashes of water
Refreshing home-grown produce
Sunlight diffusing through leaves
Light breezes
Vibrant blue skies

And now, with the slightest touch of Autumn hanging in the air, Summer is even better. The sky is bluer, the sun has a different cast to it. It is both insanely appealing and slightly panic-inducing. While I revel in the current state, I know it's going to creep into full-blown fall soon (which trust me, I totally love even more than summer) I know that summer is going to be gone soon, and so I cling to every thread of summer left.

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