Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alas, Poor Leroy

Your horn was so gold
Your heart so pure
Lips puckered to meet me
The oven you did endure

Eyes of piercing blue
Reached deep into my soul
deeper still you touched
my heart, that was your goal

You are gone now
and I lament your depart
I never will forget
the way you touched my heart

Some say you were a pig
others a rhinoceros
But to them I scream your name
"Leroy was a unicorn, and you sir are preposterous!"

Not gloriously swaying
beneath the tree
but silently folding
thyself in on thee

You died, poor Leroy
quietly in your sleep
and all of us for thee
ever do we weep.


You were the best pinata ever, and a unicorn to the last!


Amandean said...

I must say, just as a general comment, that it is really nice to read a blog that it grammatically correct. Kudos to you, although it would kind of be expected from you. But thanks all the same. I sometimes loose patients with the people who don't no how to rite.

Amandean said...

How much to you love that in that comment I said "it" instead of "is?" And speaking of that, I think that should be
Someone should change that if they haven't since we had high school English.