Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello Diane, Take a Look at These Swatches!

Okay, so they're not Swatches (registered logo, trademark, other legal jargain), but they are swatches in the sampling of color sense.

And by the way, I am totally in love with paint swatches. A trip to Home Depot always ends with me leaving the store with a purse full of colors that rarely do, and rarely ever will end up on my walls. The magpie in me is just attracted to pretty things, and let's face it, there are few things in this world as pretty as racks of colors, organized into categories of shades, begging you to stick them to your walls, test them under different lights and under different phases of the moon, and then compare them to the little dot on top of the paint can.

When I die, I imagine that they will find forgotten paint swatches tucked in drawers, boxes, sofa cushions, purse pockets, book pages, and old check books.

And then there are these watches...

Aren't they beautiful? I dream of wearing each and every one with every single outfit I own, while the five year-old in me says, "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, ooooooooo pretty!"

Perhaps I'll buy the white to go with my beachy summer ensembles or my snowy winter wardrobe, and the blue for when I'm feeling particularly bohemian or sunbathing on a Mexican beach, and the espresso for when I'm breathing in the rich smell of fall leaves, and the light bamboo paired with my minimalist ensembles I wear to art galleries and while sipping sparkling water.

And then there is Paris

and camping trips

and writing romantic poetry

and baking pies

and appearing for interviews

and when I'm taking a break from all the fame, snuggled up next to the hot heat of a raging fire...

I must have them all.


Crystal Ross said...

I truly love this post

Michelle 2021 said...

You don't do it like I do it, you do it in your own suave way. Think Cary Grant!

I too love watches and you are very creative, young lady!

We painted some accent walls in my apartment, rusty orange. I love them against the stark white and eggshell walls and trim. Love them.

utahlawyer said...

Since when do you bake pies?

Andrea said...

Shhhhh, Kirsten!

Besides, I was just imagining that I WOULD bake pies if I had one of these watches to look cute while I was baking pies.