Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not The Only Disco Pony in Town

It's true. I thought I was so clever, so original when I came up with Disco Pony as my derby name. No one will ever come up with that same name. Granted, no other derby girl has dared touch it as far as I know (and so help me if they do), but apparently some British  clothing company has.

LUCKY thing for them that they appear to specialize in sequins, otherwise I would be furious. FURIOUS. And unable to sleep until I destroy them and their name stealing ways.

Okay, I admit it, I'm a little bit obsessed. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS DRESS?

Plus, their whole 70s-sequins-meets-Urban-Outfitters look is pretty much my entire life rolled into one sparkly, sparkly dress (and a matching sparkly cardigan).

It seems, perhaps, that Disco Pony was made for Disco Pony (or at least will be when they start carrying gold leotards).

Now that my rage has subsided and the sequins have won me over, I need to figure out how to get my hands on some Disco Pony. Think they'll give me a free dress if I tell them Disco Pony is my derby name?


--jeff * said...

i love how this plays out like some romantic comedy: you find out there's someone else out there who's stollen your [whatever], your angrily seek them out, and and when you meet them, you discover they're your perfect match and fall in love.
so awesome. : )

and honestly, yeah, i think that if you wrote them and said that you totally independently choose the same name, they might be amused enough to send you something.

funny, after seeing your new facebook profile picture, i wondered if you had a new identity...

hi-ho, disco pony!

IndyGo Wylde said...

I bet it will be fine. There is a company out there called Indigo Wild that sells organic and natural beauty products. I wrote them an e-mail when I discovered it, and they were just fine with my derby name being a slightly altered form of their company name.
Loves to Disco Pony!

Andrea said...

Oh, I'm not worried about whether or not they care that I use their name, Indy. I'm just slightly heartbroken that I'm no longer the only Disco Pony out there. Besides, I'm certain I came first.

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

You have no idea how heartbroken I am to hear that you feel I stole your name :( I assure you it came to me very organically upon a dear friend exclaiming my sequin snake print shorts looked like Disco Snakes! I then trotted off in excitement to tell my fiance, and Disco Pony was born! I then googled the google out of the name to make sure I was the only one... but alas in life this is never the case... I didnt find you, but I did find discopony.com who is a creative too... I wrote him an email and he sadly wouldnt sell me his domain name, but we must learn to live together as Disco Ponies! It's a wonderful thing, and we just have to embrace to Disco right?!!!
I am SO happy however that you are enjoying the clothes! As soon as I have a penny to spare, I will send you over something!!! I'm a one woman show, with one-woman funds right now... but I will be keeping you in mind!!! Thanks for this heartbreaking, but super sweet post! I just found you when searching for a review!
my email is zoeycrystyna@gmail.com if you wanted to get in touch at all!!!
So much love Zoey @ The other Disco Pony!!!!