Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lessons in Roller Skating

Always wear your knee pads.

And your wristguards.

And your...shoulder pads?

Especially when skating outside. 
And trust me, it looks worse in real life, and feels worse than it looks.


I thought I had my pads in my car. I swear I thought I did. So when I got to the park with no pads, I thought to myself, "crap. Well, I'll just go around a couple times and be really careful."


Deidra said...

So, so, sad. Put lots of salve on it so it will heal up real fast. And eat lots of snow cones. I think that will help too. Feel better soon, we will miss you!

Bex said...

Yeeeeowch! I'm with DD in the snowcone, STAT! treatment plan.

G said...

Sweet Jesus Disco! Sending virtual morphine (without the jitters) and hugs your way! Thank God you didn't hit your pretty little head.

Heidi said...

Oh man girl!!!! you are legit! :)Hope it's feeling better!