Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Official

There have been a lot of things for the Red Rockettes to celebrate lately:

Our 122-77 win over the Happy Valley Derby Darlings.

Our 1 year anniversary, which is also my one year anniversary as a rollergirl. That's right, whether it shows or not (probably not), I have been Rockette since the very beginning.

And now, oh glorious day, our first batch of Red Rockette names have been approved by the almighty derby name approving powers on twoevils:

I am now officially Disco Pony!!!

And look at all those other Rockettes who's names are registered now too!


And what am I doing to celebrate? Well, I bought a new gold leotard!


--jeff * said...

it's only been a year? that's become such a part of you, it seems like forever ago....
glad you and the red ladies (that's not the name of some rival, is it?) are fighting with flair and style out there. : )

may you rock the golden leotard.

Jason and Heidi said...

Hey just letting everyone know that I changed my blog address to Hope all is well!! Good job on your roller derby!!

The Former 786 said...

Way to go, Disco Pony!!

How does the British clothing company feel about this?