Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm NOT Going to Stop Talking About Halloween for Awhile

...or cupcake garlands for that matter, as I am completely obsessed with both.

My first cupcake garland is struggling, because as it hangs, the cupcake liners slowly but surely slide down the thread and squish each other, making them all flatter and leaving a serious gap at the ends of the string.

I think that I may have found a solution to this problem, however.


I found this garland on this adorable blog and am totally inspired! I think I'll use the pompoms to remedy my problems with this garland:

and then replicate the picture to make one with flat liners too.

1 comment:

Amandean said...

For a second there, I thought you were making them out of actual cupcakes (as opposed to the liners). I thought to myself, "Dang! What did she put in those to make them so dense?"