Friday, July 31, 2009

Dreamcatcher Edition #1 - Fighting Demons

I've been having some seriously crazy dreams lately. Honestly, I don't know what I'm doing wrong in my life to make my subconscious feels like it needs to string random images, people, situations, etc. together into snippets of pandemonium in my cranial folds that would light up a brain scan like an aerial view of Cincinnati.

A dream interpretor on the radio, who I listen to with interest every week, despite some of her far-fetched interpretations (including an explanation of "you have to give your new business your best shot" to a woman's dream involving her shooting people on the street), recommends keeping a dream journal to follow common themes and perhaps gain insight into your effed-up subconscious.

And so here it is, the start of my weird-a dream journal:

A few nights ago, I had to fight the demons that were in the shower in my parents' basement. I could see them dimly through the frosted glass door, and stood questioning weather or not the sword and shield I had in hand would be enough to defend me from, and defeat, the demons.

Cut to a new scene inside Caesar's Palace where I was enjoying the company of my demon-fighting team: Nicholas Cage, Charlie from Lost, and Michael from Arrested Development. We had won the challenge of both defeating the demons and doing so better than the other team who we were apparently competing with. Our prize? A free dinner at Caesar's Palace.

That's right! Free dinner at Caesar's Palace! Read it and weep, suckas!

I was completely enjoying my neverending pasta, yet Nicholas Cage, in his full Nicholas Cage-ness, was monotoneously furious that he was not being served bbq asparagus pasta, for which Caesar's Palace was apparently famous, but was not being served that day.

Finally appeased, Nicholas Cage awaited his bbq asparagus pasta when the waitress came with our bill and complementary heroin pills. Charlie from Lost was, as you can imagine, particularly pleased by the after-dinner confection, and broke his in half for easier snorting.

Warning: Don't try to snort after-dinner heroin pills at Caesar's Palace! They are for oral consumption only!

Disgusted by our horrific manners, the waitress made sure that we were escorted from the palace.

Outside, we met our counterparts, aka. the team that lost the demon battle competition, who were fulfilling their punishment of painting Caesar's Palace
: George Sr. from Arrested Development, Teller from Penn and Teller, and someone else that I can't remember, who were about to be arrested for using too much paint. Oh, and they were all drunk, because the paint was full of scotch - which coincidentally made George Sr. act a lot more like his twin brother, Oscar.


utahlawyer said...

Here is your dream interpretation: you are watching too much Buffy and Arrested Development.

Michelle 2021 said...

I also have very strange dreams. I very often wake up feeling like a crazy person and have to take a few minutes to "recap" my real life to my brain: mom, human, college grad, planet earth. Ok, let's start the day!

Maybe this dream is about putting your energy into things that you don't really believe are good for you or will have a worthwhile reward. ??