Friday, April 9, 2010

irock4eves Thinks MJ Should RIP's no secret that Youtube comments are Mary Poppin's carpet bag of illiterate entertainment.  And if you were to reproduce all the funny/idiotic/unintelligible comments on Youtube, it would turn into a novel to rival War and Peace.

However, I could NOT let these beauts go unmentioned by my penny pen keyboard.  I found all of these on one Thriller video:

  • irock4eves M-magnificent
    6 days ago
     SincereTheLady @irock4eves at first I couldn't figure out what U were spelling lol... 3 days ago
    pladeeer haha I love watching this because in gym class we were bowling and listening to this song and we all stoped bowling and started dancing.Then two other people and I convinced our gym teacher to learn the dance with us for the next 3 weeks it was awesome :))  

    And, my dear friends, my favorite of all:

    PRR5406 Feels like something that would occur in Louisianna; evokes the Bayou atmosphere, moisture and overgrown graves.  Choreography reminds me of shrunken tendons, weakened bones. Just a perfect video.
    The poetry!  Oh, the poetry! PRR5406, your critical essay far outshines irock4eves' heartfelt anogram!

    And now for something awesome.  I stumbled across this while researching bad Youtube comments.  The werewolf transformation is genius, and they should really take the dance number on the road.  It's a little long, but so is the original video, and it's way better than those dancing convicts.


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The Former 786 said...

You Tube comments are a cesspool. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

I'm always glad to see these nuggets of joy, though.