Thursday, April 1, 2010

At Least I Got Shoes...

Well,  I've been rather absent from my blog, for which I apologize, and I changed the address, which didn't make anything better.

But alas, I return to you with a story of brattiness and embarrassment.  Oh, and lots of shoes.

I spent some time at the sample sale last weekend, and bought five...5...pairs of shoes.

And a handbag.

And that's the fun (for me) part of the story.  Now comes the fun (for you) part...

On our (my mom, sister, and me) way to the sample sale Saturday morning, my mom asked me if I remembered my wallet, my employee badge, and my cell phone.  These are very valid questions on my mom's part, since I regularly forget/can't find pretty much everything I own.

My response to her, however, went something more along the lines of this:

"yes. YES. YES!!!  Holy crap, Mom!  You don't have to nag me about EVERYTHING!  I'm not five years old; I can remember to bring my stuff, and I don't even need my employee badge anyway!  So stop treating me like I'm five!!!"

Yep, I'm really awesome and nice like that.

Fast forward to the afternoon, when I had already forgotten about the morning conversation, and after I had just woken up from a nap (because, as it turns out, I am five).  Feeling in a responsible mood, I drove to Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed.

While at Jiffy Lube, they pointed out a rock chip in my windshield and asked if my insurance would pay for it to be fixed.

"uh, I don't know."

So then they asked who I had my insurance through.

"Uh, um...oh boy...uh, State Farm!  That's it!"

Do I know if I have a deductible?

"No, I don't know."

Do they want me to look it up?


Then things seemed to be going a bit my way, because I got half of my oil change!  That's always a fun surprise!

Oh, but then it came time to pay, and no matter how many cards I pulled out of my wallet, none of them were my debit card!

"I'm sorry, I have no idea where my card is, and the rest of them in here are all expired, I think."

Brilliant.  I am brilliant.

"Wait, this one is new, I just haven't activated it yet. I can activate it right now!  Oh, but my cell phone is dead...can I borrow a phone?"

And there I stood, inside Jiffy Lube, the only customer there, using their phone to activate the credit card I had just payed off so I could pay for my half-off oil change.  It's no surprise the Jiffy Lube guy couldn't resist telling me that the card didn't go through just to see my reaction.  Thank heavens he was only joking, or I may have completely lost my mind.

So I went home, laughing about what a ditz I am, and told my family about having to use Jiffy Lube's phone to activate my card, because in all my brilliance, I had gone to Jiffy Lube without my debit card or a working cell phone.

My mom just looked at me and said, "and you yelled at me this morning when I asked you if you remembered all that stuff."

Yes, yes I did...oops, sorry.


Jen said...

Sadly...I can very much the whole thing!

Amandean said...

You know, Cristian made a very wise statement in a recent letter to the effect of "I guess mom and dad do sometimes know what they are talking about." I guess you are just now learning that lesson. Good for you!