Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Think I'm Creative, Check Out My Sister!

My sister, Kirsten, learned how to knit just a couple months ago - between Thanksgiving and Christmas - and she took to it like frosting to a cupcake.  Seriously, she's learned how to do everything!  It's incredible!

She opened an Etsy store:, and came up with the oh-so-clever name of Beatknits. So if you long to don a dashing beret while wrapping yourself in home-knit decadence, check out her stuff RIGHT NOW and buy something!

My favorites are this scarf:

Hello cableknit!

This scarf :

And these fingerless gloves:

 Also, I was discussing the idea with her of possibly having her teach a knitting class. We were thinking of charging like $5-ish.  She could teach everyone how to become an incredible knitter in no time like she did for herself.  Let me know if this is something any of you lovely readers would be interested in!


Dasha said...

I love those yellow gloves! So cheerful. By the way, you left your unicorn bookmark at my house, do you want me to give it to Sara to pass on to you?

Amandean said...

I would totally go to a knitting class if I were there. Save a seat for me if you do it.