Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Crafting Part Deux!

I've sure gotten into crafting for Valentine's, which is unexpected since it's one of my least favorite holidays, but I just keep finding so much fun inspiration from none other than Tatertots and Jello, and, of course my own mind, and who can forget cupcake liners?  Seriously, those things have revolutionized my life!

So here's my latest V-Day craft spread.  

It's hard to see, but I cut my cute "Je t'aime" out of sparkly plum paper and modpodged the letters to (what else?) flattened-out cupcake liners.  Then I just taped them to a cute little sheer pink ribbon, and wha-la!  Valentine's banner!

The other craft I did yesterday came from this post, featured by Tatertots and Jello.  Though I despise the fact that the lady cut up books (BOOKS!  HOW CAN ANYONE CUT UP BOOKS? (well, actually, I'd probably love to cut up Twilight or The DaVinci Code)), I still liked the idea of little paper hearts.  So, I flipped through an old magazine (not nearly as precious a piece of literature as a book) to find pages that were primarily red and pink.  I ripped the pages out, cut them into little strips, and used those strips to make hearts to fill an apothecary jar (the other apothecary jar up there just has some silk peony blossoms in it, and they are just so yummy and ruffly).

 And there you have it!  Happy Valentine's Day!


utahlawyer said...

Very cute. I also can not understand how someone could cut up a book; especially someone who alleges to love books. Seriously!

Dasha said...

Hey Andrea I found a link to your blog on facebook and couldn't resist blogstalking you- hope you don't mind. I love your Valentines crafts! Too cute. Hope you are coming to Sara's party tonight!