Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three People/Characters Currently on Television that I Cannot Stand

I understand that I go against popular opinion and am likely going to trigger some defense mechanisms, but I cannot help that these three people make me insane (and I don't think it's a coincidence that all but one are from reality TV):

If you are wondering why Adam Lambert is so annoying, just watch this or this, or look at this. Plus, he's wearing almost as much makeup as:


She's like the entire cheese counter at the grocery store, and not in the delicious way. In fact, scratch that; she's like the entire shelf of Easy Cheese at the grocery store.

And if Julianne wasn't cheesy enough on her own, they decided to add her boyfriend and create this atrocity:


Not very clever nicknames and being the greasy guy in the weary love hexagon for four seasons was bad enough, but his new character transformation and perfectly flat-ironed locks aren't doing anything for any of us.

Oh, and I almost forgot this one (so we'll make it four):



I would have included her in the original list, but since she finally got kicked off of America's Next Top Model, here's a bonus tid-bit of eye-gouging annoyance for you:

And after watching 1.2 ridiculously long episodes of The Biggest Loser, the woman on the far left is rapidly ascending up the annoyance scale:


Jenny said...

I agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these comments! Can't stand any of these people.

Lambert Family said...

Oh sad, I LOVE Adam Lambert. I do agree that he wears too much makeup though. I think he's gay (I heard it somewhere). I really like his voice though and he will probably win Idol. But, I can definately see why a lot of people don't like him. He's not for everyone.

Andrea said...

I liked him at first, but he's so theatrical it just makes everything he does seem so pre-planned over-dramatic. I like when people are just themselves, and if they do something crazy it better be spontaneous. He does have a good voice though.

Andrea said...

Do you watch America's Next Top Model, Jenny? If so, we need to chat about it ASAP.

Andrea said...

Oh, and if you watch Lost too!

The Former 786 said...

You forgot Tyra.

Andrea said...

Yeah, she's a good one for the list, though she doesn't aggravate me like she does you. I also realized that I forgot Jack Bauer and the guy from CSI.