Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's 4 a.m. Do you know where your royals are?

So unless you've been in a comma or feigning indifference, you're well aware of the royal wedding happening at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. Those zany Brits! Having weddings at such inconvenient times for me.

Let's pretend that I've unexpectedly become obsessed with the royal wedding and everything related to it since penning a couple blogs on the matter. Let's also assume that I, in no way, am ashamed of it.

Yes, I am excited for the royal wedding. Yes, I want royal tea bags (teeheeheehee). Yes, I am this close to tattooing the couple on my chompers. And yes, I now know a few terrible, terrible phrases of Britch slang.

Above all, the hype over the royal wedding has opened a treasure trove, nay, a gold mine, nay, an entire universe full of diamond-encrusted unicorns of internet awesomeness. Never has the internet been so full of spinster-making kitsch. Never has the internet been so good, and I dare say, it never will be again.

And so, with us at the very brink of the royal wedding itself, I give you the top 5 royal-related slideshows and other things I've found on the internet this week.

5. Royal look-alikes. I guess i can kind of see the resemblance in that old painting of Queen Victoria. Queen Mary seems to not even resemble herself from one rendering to the next, though. And they seem to be basing comparison on stuff like facial hair and camera angles. Whatever, I still love it.

PRINCE WILLIAM   photo | Prince William

4. Hats galore. Princess Beatrice is my new hero. I desperately want her butterfly hat, and the matching butterfly dress isn't too bad either.

PRINCESS BEATRICE   photo | Princess Beatrice

3. Princes and critters. You're welcome.


2. Who wore it better? Okay, I actually don't have a link for this, despite scouring the internet at length. But I heard about it, and thanks to a trustworthy coworker, I have some of the photos for your sampling. Not only is this pretty much one of the best things ever, ever, ever, but it totally takes me right back to my Jr. High days. William or Harry...Who Wore it Better?


MEET & GREET    photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William

This slideshow singlehandedly made my week, the captions in particular. I like to pretend that's what's actually going on in the picture. "The St. Andrews University alums revisit their college days – and retrace, step for step, their fairy-tale romance – during a return to their alma mater in February." Yes, I'm certain that's exactly what they're doing in this picture.
SCHOOL TIES    photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William

Similarly, if the captions are completely accurate, I imagine conversation between Kate and William to be something like this:

Kate: "Oh Will, we're so good at clapping together! Something happened on the stage, and we both started clapping! It's like we're made for each other!"

William: "That's because we are, darling. That's because we are."


--jeff * said...

i guess i do live in a "people" magazine black hole: only around yesterday did i gather (from facebook postings) that the wedding was today.

and while i hold zero interest in it, i did enjoy the slideshow about the royal hattery, as well as your unabashed love of it all.

and your speculated conversations between the royals.

Andrea said...

But who wore it best, Jeff?

Amandean said...

Hmmmm. . . I haven't seen little bro in so many years that I didn't realize he's really quite good-looking. And so, Andrea, I think you should marry him. You would be fabulously wealthy, living in a palace, attending royal functions and the like, but the two of you wouldn't have nearly the responsibilities of the king and queen later. Plus, you can get away with awesome hats!
Nice conversations! Although you could have reminded us to read them in a British accent for authenticity. Much better effect.
Good luck on your mission to snatch a prince!