Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Halloween is exactly 68 days until Halloween. 68 is a lot, but it's less than 100, which is less than 300, which is less than 365. Point is, Halloween is close when you look at it the right way. And if the stores can start carrying Halloween decorations, I can start talking about it too.

It doens't look like I'm the only one who'd getting geared up for Halloween either. I saw these little cuties online (and Jessica actually bought me the candy corn one, which I use about, oh, 15 times a day) and went into the store to buy some of each scent.
But, oh, they were already sold out! Peeved as I was that I couldn't get my paws on these right at the moment I wanted them, I secretly delighted in the thought that it was the 21st of August, and the Halloween stuffs were already selling out. Lucky for me, they're getting more in stock one day.
***Turns out, they're already even sold out online. I tried going to the website to get a picture of all the flavors, and this is the only one they have even listed on their site anymore:
But there were also, at one point, Candy Corn, Zombie Squad, Vampire Blood, and Bat Bite. I promise, they were there. I promise! I own the Candy Corn one! I can only pray that the other scents will be in stock soon. I pray.

Sigh - moving on, hard as that may be...I officially kicked off the Halloween season last night with The House on Haunted Hill. I always forget how good that movie is. My mind automatically registers it in the "cheesy horror movie," genre, but that is unfair to the awesomeness that is Vincent Price and The House on Haunted Hill. I somehow always forget that the cheesy, grimacing directly at the camera ghost is not, in fact a ghost at all. Also, self-generating blood drips and a giant vat of acid? Awesomeness.

And now, I end with revealing to you (because unlike some people, I cannot keep this a secret) my costume choices for this year:

Costume #1: Buffy the Vampire Slayer circa Season 1 (aka 1997)
Yes, you may have visions of platform flip flops, lined lips and fishing line necklaces, but I'm going with something a little more iconic:

The dress looks rather yellow in this picture, but in real life (being imaginary tv life), it's white. I'm not sure I can get a crossbow into the workplace, but I'll try.

Costume #2: Sexy Freddy Krueger
Yes, I know, there is absolutely nothing sexy about Freddy Krueger. Or so you thought! Behold:


The Former 786 said...

I love The House on Haunted Hill! That freaky witch lady gets me EVERY TIME!

Also, is that hand sanitizer? Sweet!

And while sexy Freddy is impressive, I'm excited to see the sexy Jason Voorhies costume.

Amandean said...

You aren't the only one excited for Halloween. Although with Luke, it's because it's a week after his birthday and he loves his birthday. Ah, to be 4 again!