Friday, May 21, 2010

Unicorns are Back, Baby!

And they are back full-force! 

First mention goes to my dear friends, Brian and Becca, who found this little beaut for me:

Need to see it in action?  Here it is taking out a mime (those pesky, pesky mimes):

And on to the next victim:

And for those of you that need more violent unicorn action in your life, I suggest following this link to the most amazing online game you will ever experience (many thanks to Joel and Adam for individually showing this to me)!  Of special note (other than the robot unicorn, of course) are the dolphins and the brilliant music.  Wanna just listen to it (like I have been over and over for the last hour)?  Here you go:


utahlawyer said...

Terrifying. I had no idea unicorns could be so violent. Btw, that song is Erasure, Always in case you want to download it or something. The video is also terrifyingly entertaining.

The Former 786 said...

Andrea, I kid you not, I own the CD with that song on it. It's Erasure's CD "I Say I Say" and you can borrow it anytime you want. :)