Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Because that's what this morning was - a glorious wonderland of glittering, flittering flakes.  I love the snow!  I love everything about it, even driving in it. You'll never hear me making comments about "trying to survive the snow," or "wanting to fly south," or "wishing that white stuff out there would disappear," or anything of the sort.  I love it!  It's beautiful, it's clean, it's like a Pavlovian bell for snuggling up and becoming nostalgic.

On a related note that you will hopefully soon understand said relation, I tried out my new alarm clock today.  The one that promises a sensory experience guaranteed to boost your aura, or something like that.  It simulates a sunrise and emits nature sounds to peacefully, and gradually wake you.  Turns out, I slept straight through it all and woke up when the "sun" had been fully risen and birds had chirped their little feathery heads off in a rain forest a continent away for a full ten minutes.  BUT, I did get up, bright and bleary, just after 6:30.  And thus I went walking in the fluffy morning.

I used to wake up at 6:30 every morning and walk 2-3 miles before work.  Then I got lazy, my bed got cozy, and the days grew shorter, and I stopped waking up at 6:30 to go walking.  Que simulated sunrise alarm clock, and today I got up and walked 1 mile.  But, it was through 8 inches of snow and a layer of ice, so I felt like I could justifiably consider it equivalent to at least 2 miles, if not more.  Then there was shoveling snow, and I considered myself adequately worked-out for the day.

The keyword here is "the day," which I guess is two words.  The key two words here are "the day."  The bigger picture shows me in this exact cycle:


Check out the whole series here.  It's worth looking at the whole thing (which I condensed to get you to go there and look for yourself, because I can't show you the whole thing and leave nothing for the artist to lure you in with).

Anyway, I got the alarm clock with the hopes of rising early every morning to commence my morning walk while simultaneously enjoying the wintery weather.  Why?  Because I feel like a bloated, puffy version of myself.  Like, had the 18-year old me fallen in a river and drowned, only to be discovered days later, the current me would look strikingly similar, only a little less blue and a little less wet.

I contemplated having a little sidebar gadget where I could publicly confess to the fruits of my daily toilings and therefore be more motivated to actually get off my butt to save face, but then I realized that my laziness has reached a level that even public recognition of itself would be unlikely to motivate it to change its ways (I may have just personified my laziness and I'm not going to go back and change the case or tense or whatever kind of grammar thing-a-ma-job-i-bob you'd call it).

And so, I leave you with a scene of a winter wonderland that will hopefully become my motivation to get out of bed every morning, because who can sleep through this:


(yes, I do see in fisheye in the mornings, in case you were asking)

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